Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Masterbuilt Construction & Roofing LLC warrants to the original purchaser (property
owner at time work completed as evinced below) that any installation procedures performed will be free
from workmanship defects for the Lifetime (“Warranty Period”) of the original owner after the installed
product as determined by manufacturer.

Lifetime = As long as the original owner or their spouse are alive & living at the property.

Upon completion of the project, Masterbuilt Construction & Roofing LLC will provide all manufacturer
warranty information to the original purchaser/property owner. It will be the responsibility of that person
to register the warranty if required by the manufacturing company.
This workmanship warranty covers all workmanship defects related to installed work only.  Masterbuilt
Construction & Roofing LLC will provide service without charge, for Warranty Period, after installation of
the product if a problem occurs due to workmanship, in accordance with warranty from the manufacturer
issued to the buyer. Service shall be rendered by the company between 8:00 am and 5:00 p.m. on
weekdays, or a set time agreed upon by Masterbuilt Construction & Roofing LLC & the customer. In the
event of a workmanship defect or a manufacturer’s product defect, please contact our office by phone at
918-284-4900. When you first experience a problem, immediate contact is of the utmost importance and
may prevent further damage. Please provide a detailed description of the defect, if possible.
Masterbuilt Construction & Roofing LLC is not responsible for damages caused by the lack of mitigation
of damages. The warranty statements contained in this certificate set forth the only express warranties
extended by Masterbuilt Construction & Roofing LLC for workmanship, and any other representations
and/or warranties made by representatives of Masterbuilt Construction & Roofing LLC, if any, must be in
writing. This warranty terminates or is void in the event that any work is performed on our installed
components during the Warranty Period by anyone other than Masterbuilt Construction & Roofing LLC, or
by acts of nature causing damage to our installed components, including but not limited to, hail, wind,
tornado, hurricane, tree limbs, debris and improper maintenance.

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